About Revoluzza

Take a sustainable road to the future with the new handbag concept of REVOLUZZA.
The sustainable, interchangeable handbag concept, designed by EMILIA GABRIELLE is finally coming to the market for the summer season of 2023.
For EMILIA GABRIELLE, adaptable fashion is the future road to be taken for a more sustainable future.
The bags of REVOLUZZA are adaptable to many different occasions, trends and seasons. You will never neglect your bag anymore or get bored of it. The interchangeable flaps can be detached by way of undoing the three pressure buttons. Different style flaps can be attached to suit the occasion during which the bag will be worn. Every day you can be the designer of your own bag.  
The bag will definitely be your best friend for years to come. The bag is a real eye catcher !
Wearing a REVOLUZZA bag will enhance your sense of fashion.  
EMILIA GABRIELLE is a German fashion designer. She studied fashion for six years in Paris, lived various countries around the world. The town which had the most influence on her style is St Tropez in the South of France where the designer lived for fifteen years. After having lived in St Tropez , the designer moved to Vienna in order to be closer to the production process of the bags and the accessories. 
A more sustainable era in fashion will begin with the bags designed by EMILIA GABRIELLE.